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Case Studies and Testimonials

Tyler from Swell Energy

Technical SEO

Swell called the technical SEO work I did for them "a turning point" in their business.

For real life, real time proof, check out this search: Home Battery California. That's their primary term in their primary market. At the time of this posting (September 2016) they are the top 3 organic positions - not in the top 3, they ARE the top 3.

I didn't use any black hat tactics (or black magic for that matter) to achieve this. Tyler and his team had done a solid job of crafting regular and targeted content but there were some technical road blocks to SEO that their development team simply weren't aware of. Once those "errors" were out of the way, I made my suggestions for optimization which they implemented immediately, and the results are simply stunning.

If you noticed the title of the video and are curious, GrowthHit is the growth focused start up of which I am the co-founder.

"I've gotten a lead per day since then and almost none prior."
Jim at AccessGroupHousing.com
"Thank you SO much for all your work on this project for us. We really appreciate it. I know it was more than you initially expected, so we really appreciate you working as hard as you did."
Mindy at LeppDesign.com

Edward Santacruz, SCDS Los Angeles

Design and Development

I build Edwards' site back around 2009, so the design you see in the background is a bit dated. In fact, we did a facelift a few years ago. I'm still proud to have him as a client (and friend) and love this testimonial he sent me back in the day.

Featherstonewebsolutions is just to long of a domain, hence DevCabin is my home on the web these days. Legally, my DBA is still Featherstone Web Solutions which he mentions in the video.

I did design and coding on this project, no SEO work beyond initial creation. It started off in Yahoo sitebuilder and we eventually moved it to a self hosted WordPress platform.

Michelle at Herbal Vision Retreat

Design and Development

I handled design and development on Michelle's site. She sold holistic remedies such as essential oils and was a licensed massage therapist. This is another from some 7 years ago, she has since moved from East Texas out of state so her local site is no longer available.

The site was enabled with shopping cart functions for some of her more popular products as well as easy appointment scheduling for her massage business. It was always a pleasure working with her and if she opens up shop again I'll be here.

Diane of Dianes Transcription

Design and Development

One more from "back in the day". In the highly competitive Los Angeles area of Downey, they ran a thriving transcription business. They have since moved out of the are further north in California, and no longer focus on medical transcription in favor of academic transcription. They did not want a website for this new phase of their business.

I did design and coding on this project, no SEO work beyond initial creation. Built on self hosted WordPress platform.

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